Weekly Menu Series No. 021 Christmas in July


Pipes and Peasants Clothing – The Mythical Giant 17
Pear, Ginger and Patxaran mulled wine using Radio Boca Garnacha.

Krampus 21
Green Chartreuse, Crème de Cacao Brun, Amaro Montenegro, egg and cream. Shaken and served with a stewed fruit crumble.

Santa, the Christmas Adonis 18
Appletons Rum, spiced syrup, dry vermouth, pedro ximénez sherry and malt extract. Served up with lemon and Angostura bitters.

Galette of Kings Cocktail 19
Martell VS Cognac, cherry & cacao syrup, lemon, black walnut bitters and Laphraoig. Shaken and served up with an almond sablé.

The Galette of Kings Cocktail also makes a refreshing mocktail with a few tweaks and adjustments.


Stewed fruit crumble 6
Dukkah with yuzu olive oil and baguette 8

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