Weekly Menu Series No. 020 Lucky Cat


Divine Rabbits 18
El Jimador Blanco Tequila, Gracias a Dios Joven Mezcal, cherry chilli cola syrup, lime, Rose Rabbit Cherry Liqueur & Cocchi Americano. Served down over ice with salted cherries.

Three Gentleman (out of Four) 15
Lillet Blanc, Madeira & a yellow plum eau de vie, stirred & served up with a pinch of salt & star anise.

Japanese Bobtail 17
Roku Gin, matcha tea, sunflower seed, lemon, yuzu oil & egg white.

Bat Heart Roulette 19
Canadian Club 8 Whiskey, pedro ximenez & Benedictine. Stirred down over ice with lemon, black walnut & Angostura bitters.

The Japanese Bobtail also makes a refreshing mocktail with a few tweaks and adjustments.


Salted Cherries and Chocolate 6
Dukkah with yuzu olive oil and baguette 8

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