Weekly Menu Series No. 018 Sexy Science Stuff


The Diet of an Engineering Student 18
Makers Marks Bourbon, coffee, chargrilled vegetable syrup, lemon & egg white.

Titrations 101 21
pH indicator Gin, Cocchi Americano & Creme de Cacao Blanc.

Park Road Post Audio Dept 17
Lighthouse Gin, Benedictine, pineapple tepache, lemon & gunpowder rum.

Don’t think of Cucumber 17
Pisco, Pimms, tamarillo. In honour of Daniel Wegner.

The “Don’t think of Cucumber” also makes a refreshing mocktail with a few tweaks and adjustments.


Mint Raita and Poppadom 6
Dukkah with yuzu olive oil and baguette 8

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