Weekly Menu Series No. 016 Football, B-Ball, Pucks and Rucks


The ridiculous FIFA 22
A deconstructed White Russian without the coffee.

The refreshing Golden State 15
Californian Chardonnay, Leblon Cachaca, preserved apricots, sugar, crème de cacao brun, soda and (Stephen) curry leaves.

The sublime USA vs Canada 19
Choose your side!
Your choice of an American or Canadian style whiskey Old Fashioned As American as apple pie, or as Canadian as maple syrup.

The sour sour French 19
Cognac, orange curacao, lemon, feijoa marmalade, mezcal and absinthe. Shaken and served up.

The Golden State also makes a refreshing mocktail with a few tweaks and adjustments.


Preserved Apricot with honey ginger cream on croissant 6
Dukkah with yuzu olive oil and baguette 8

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