Weekly Menu Series No. 004 Gala Season Somewhere


The refreshing Met Ball 18
Beefeater Gin, Royal Gala juice, lemon, cardamom and egg white with apple infused Mezcal.

The sublime Diamond Ball 15
Peach and lemongrass shrub, Breuil Calvados served over a glass of prosecco served with plum.

The ridiculous Whitney Art Party 13
Chilled Calle 23 Blanco Tequila served with a glass of green apple Verdita.

The sour sour Rita Hayworth Gala 18
Martell V.S Cognac, lemon, Chardonnay & green tea syrup served with an apple and sage slaw.

Both the Met Ball and the Rita Haworth Gala make great mocktails with a few tweaks.


Verdita and corn chips 6
Dukkah with yuzu olive oil and baguette 7

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