Weekly Menu Series No. 003 The Joseph Jenckes Experience

On March 6, 1646, he was awarded the first patent in North America by the General Court of Massachusetts, for making scythes.


The refreshing “Love your mouth, Rhubarb!” 13
Rhubarb, El Jimador Tequila, lime and gingerbeer. Served tall on ice.

The sublime “Orange Storm” 17
Quince syrup, Aperol and Beefeater Gin. Stirred down over ice.

The ridiculous “Elevated Brix” 20
Salted fresh honeydew, cashew syrup shaken with Havana 3yr Old Rum and served with strawberry ceviche. Shaken and served up.

The sour sour “composition of matter” 19
New York sour shaken with Jim Beam rye, lemon redcurrant jelly and a stout float. Shaken and served up in a classic cocktail glass.

The “love your mouth, rhubarb” makes for a great mocktail with a few adjustments.

Strawberry ceviche 6
Dukkah and Yuzu Olive Oil 8

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