Weekly Menu Series No. 001 Kool and The Gang


The refreshing “Kool & the Tang” 14
Peaches sauteed in cider shaken with mint, lemon & Reid + Reid gin. Served tall on ice.

The ridiculous “Kool Brew” 22
Gracias a Dios Mezcal, charred capsicum, cold brew coffee & pineapple syrup. Shaken & served up with capsicum foam.

The sublime “Kentucky Kool-aid” 19
Peach infused Makers Mark Bourbon, sugar & yellow chartreuse. Served down over ice with a profiterole.

The sour sour “Kooler Shaker” 18
A take on the classic pisco sour shaken with a raspberry infused Lot 8 Olive Oil. Served up with a salt rim (Gracias Carlos!).

The “Kool & the Tang” and the “Kool Brew” also makes for a great mocktail with a few adjustments.


Profiterole with coffee cream & pineapple glaze 6

Dukkah & yuzu olive oil . 8

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